India Elite Training

Logosworld is filling a big gap in India IT education by bringing you the best Western teachers to train world-class programming and technology practice and project management to Indian elite professionals and higher class students.

India Elite Training

While there is an abundance of technical training for the masses of Indian students and junior professionals and also good education in theory and practice in many universities we lack of dedicated education that is oriented to the real practical needs of the daily work to be fulfilled and delivered of a superior IT professional from India.

Axel Angeli: Cloud Computing Seminars

Axel Angeli is coming to India to teach the basics and the latest news and progress of cloud computing!

Axel Angeli is one of the prominent protagonists in evangelizing and teaching distributed computing – the surrounding principle of SOA, EAI and Cloud Computing. He also worked for long-time with India and is helping company in building Indo-European relationships.

Introduction to Cloud Computing Practice

Cloud computing has become the flag ship and common denominator for various kinds and aspects of distributed computing.

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