SAP Project Rescue

We admit: not every project needs rescue. But once you are in trouble can realign your project. And since we know to fight fire, we also know how to avoid it from the beginning!

Experience is our weapon

Working with SAP R/3 since the early beginnings in 1993 (and before with R/2) we know all the technology components and constraints around the SAP world. We configured many systems, we wrote tons of ABAP code to fill the missing gap of the software and we did not rest to teach our clients the pros and cons of certain components.

Integrate SAP and the Rest

Let us be honest: not everything that has the label "SAP" deserves the label. We believe that SAP is amazingly strong in ERP and its derivates, but we are also aware that SAP is only a component in an agile and dynamically changing IT ecosphere. Therefore we work on integrating SAP and other amazing software components. If you need e-Commerce you better take a professional web shop that uses SAP as back end, if you need special reporting needs you choose the best data analysis tool and if yur portal is already SharePoint: why not make it work smoothly with SAP alone? Thebuzzword of the decse for all this integration is "Cloud" and used to be "SOA" (Service-oriented architecture) right before. For us it is still integration as we are used to work for two decades now: once it was LapLink to allow data exchange between to PCs through a printer cable and now we exchange data in real-time through the internet cloud.

SAP is our passion. We like to make it work!